Eileen Toibin MA Psychotherapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age limit?
There is no upper age limit. I do not see children or adolescents. They are advised to approach psychotherapy services for children and adolescents, e.g at the Tavistock Clinic or the Anna Freud Centre, or the CAMHS in their local area.

How long do sessions last?
Each session lasts 50 minutes

Are you registered and do have an ethical code?
I am registered with the British Psychoanalytic Council and
I adhere to the ethical code that governs all members. This code can be found on the BPC web site:www.psychoanalytic-council.org and with the British Psychotherapy Foundation www.lcp-psychotherapy.org.uk

Who do you work with?
I work psychoanalytically with those who have the capacity to undertake a psychoanalytic treatment and I work in a counselling capacity when in-depth psychoanalytic therapy is not what what has been requested, for example, if what was needed a space in which to explore various options before making an important decision.

Equal Opportunities
I am committed to equal opportunities and I work with people from different social classes, racial groups and differing sexual orientations.

How soon will you be able to see me?
If you leave a message, in normal circumstances, I will contact you within 24 hours, and, if I have a vacancy, I will arrange an assessment in the course of which you can discuss your concerns.

What is the cost of therapy?
The usual standard fee per session is between £85 - £150. The cost for the initial assessment is between £100 - £150. I can, occasionally, take someone who is able to pay a reduced fee. This is dependent on them being able to attend during the day.

I do not ask people I have seen to give me a testimonial for publication on this or any other website. It would be intrusive to ask for a testimonial and it would seriously compromise the ethics of maintaining confidentiality. The organisations I belong to, which regulate professional practice, advise that a request for a publishable testimonial is a breach of confidentiality. (The British Psychoanalytic Council and the British Psychotherapy Foundation.)

Data Protection
All data I hold is held securely and subject to the General Data Protection Regulations. Such records are kept only for the purpose of delivering high quality psychoanalytic psychotherapy and counselling. These records are kept for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which they were originally collected.


NORTH LONDON PSYCHOTHERAPY in CROUCH END - in a safe and confidential setting - and surrounding areas in North London or Central London; near to ISLINGTON, HOLLOWAY, MUSWELL HILL, HIGHGATE and ARCHWAY. Nearest Tubes: FINSBURY PARK, ARCHWAY, HIGHGATE and TURNPIKE LANE


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